Pittsburgh Penguins star, goalie to be memorialized in memorial hall

A Pittsburgh Penguins legend is being honored by the Pittsburgh Public Library and a family is paying tribute to a retired Pittsburgh Police Officer, who was killed in an ambush at his home in 2015.

The Pittsburgh Police Department said in a statement Tuesday that the officer was killed while responding to a call for service at his house, which was located on the 1200 block of Pottstown Road.

The officer, 43-year-old Anthony C. Dias, was a member of the Pittsburgh Police department for more than 15 years and was a decorated veteran of the line of duty.

Dias was the father of two young sons.

He was an avid hockey fan, an avid runner and was the son of a retired police officer.

The family of Ciaran Dias is paying for the memorial to be made public and the Police Department is providing the police with the information about the man who was shot and killed, the statement said.

In 2017, Dias’ family purchased a home on the 600 block of W. South Street in Dover, which is approximately five miles from the officer’s home in Pottsburgh.

The memorial was opened on Tuesday morning and will be open for the next three days.

Pam Dias said her family is just thrilled that the memorial will be held in their hometown and are hoping that this is a good opportunity to get more people to come forward with information about who may have been involved in the attack.

She said it’s unfortunate that it happened in this small town.

The Police Department released a statement saying that Dias was killed during a home invasion.

The department thanked the community for their patience during this difficult time.