A little girl is remembered for saving her parents from a man who shot her and then ran away with her

A little boy who saved his parents from being shot in the head at a memorial for victims of the Columbine massacre has been remembered by police and his parents as “a hero”.

The 11-year-old was at the vigil in Resolis, north of Sydney, on Saturday night, when he ran to help his parents who were lying on the ground.

He was shot in his chest and chest wound, but survived, his parents told the ABC.

“He was the first person that we could see that wasn’t responding to any kind of shots,” said his father, Michael and his mother, Lisa.

“We could see a bullet hole in the wall and a bullet coming through the wall from the other side of the wall.”

He managed to grab his father’s hand and pull him out of the room and onto the floor.

“I remember he was the last one to go out,” he said.

The boy was rushed to a hospital and was discharged on Saturday, but his parents said he suffered a second wound to his chest.

He is in stable condition.

The family said they were devastated by the loss of their son, who was born in 2006 and lived with them in Resoli.

“His birthday was July 1 and his birthday was special,” he told the National Children’s Hospital in Sydney.

It’s a great day for him. “

It’s a big day.

It’s a great day for him.

He’ll be a hero for us.”

The ABC contacted the NSW Police Commissioner, Mick Fuller, who said the department was investigating.

“A police investigation is ongoing and a statement will be released in due course,” he wrote.

“Our priority at this stage is the welfare of the young person and the investigation continues.”

Police have previously released footage of the attack and said the attacker was “armed and dangerous”.

The suspect, who has not been named, was seen wearing a black hooded jacket with a bullet-proof vest, blue jeans and a black shirt with a white stripe.

A witness told the Daily Telegraph the boy was holding a gun to his head when the shots rang out.

A man with a rifle and a white backpack was seen walking into the town centre.

“All of a sudden there’s this explosion and it’s like a massive bang,” he was heard saying in the footage.

Police said the shooting was not random.

They said a man was seen with a backpack in his hand, and two other men walked away from the area.

“There was a group of people that were there and one of those people was armed,” Sergeant David Thomas from the NSW Policing Command said.

Police said they had received information from the community and they were working with other authorities to determine what happened. “

When the gunfire started he started running away and that’s when we were told to come in and that was when we heard a lot of shots.”

Police said they had received information from the community and they were working with other authorities to determine what happened.

Mr Fuller said the boy’s mother, who attended the vigil, was grateful to the crowd of people for their support.

“They came to her and said ‘we’ve lost our son’,” he said, adding the boy had been shot once in the chest.

They’re just like a family.” “

The kids here are really proud of him.

They’re just like a family.”

The father of one of the victims, John, said he was “just heartbroken” by the news of his son’s death.

“What a sad day for the families of the children that have been lost,” he posted on Facebook.

“My heart goes out to them all.”

The boy’s father, who is also a police officer, said police had told him “a few months ago” that the man responsible for the attack had been arrested and “was a violent criminal”.

He added that police had contacted the family about the incident.

“As the father of a police member I can say that the police have been in touch with us,” he added.

“Every time we go to their station to check on the wellbeing of our son they are absolutely on top of it.”