Why We’re Going to Love this Memorial Hall, a Memorial to All the Heroes Who Died in 2016

A memorial to all the people who died in 2016 has been erected in the heart of downtown Toronto, but it’s a small memorial.

The Memorial Hall is dedicated to the memory of those who have been wounded, fallen, or just plain missed in 2016.

“It’s an honour to see that the city has a memorial like this,” said Mark Zajkowski, who lives nearby and helped build the memorial.

“We have the opportunity to have an avenue for remembrance in the midst of the city, and for that we need a place like this.”

The hall is located at the corner of Spadina Avenue and University Avenue, near the intersection of Spady and College streets.

It’s the first Memorial to be erected in a public space in the city of Toronto, which is a huge success.

There were 5,000 memorials in 2016, according to the Toronto Community Foundation.

That number is expected to double in 2017.

For those of us who live and work in downtown Toronto we know the city is full of stories.

One of those stories is that of the victims of the 2016 Toronto bombing, and the outpouring of support that came to light after the bombing.

On the anniversary of the attack, there was a massive community gathering in the downtown core.

Over 50,000 people attended.

Zajkowski said that was a “very good turnout” for an event that was supposed to have only been a few hundred people.

He was particularly touched by the outpourings of support from people in the GTA, who were upset at the bombing and their loss.

A lot of them knew each other personally, and they were able to connect and to share the story,” he said.

This Memorial Hall has been dedicated to those who lost their lives in 2016 by Mark Zabkowski.

Now, a few months later, a memorial has been built for another of those victims.

Samantha Pomeranz, who lost her brother in the bombing, attended the gathering.

She said it was a great day.

When she heard about the memorial, she was a little overwhelmed.

“This is a great opportunity to show people we care.” “

I can’t believe we are doing this,” she said.

“This is a great opportunity to show people we care.”

The next memorial will be erected on the same site where the bomb was set off.