How to mourn a loved one who died in the war

By now, the country is mourning the loss of American serviceman Eric Errera, an Alabama native whose funeral is set for Friday in Arlington National Cemetery.

His wife, Jessica, and their two children, Zachary and Dylan, and the family of two other family members will be among the guests who have arrived in the sprawling city.

At a time when the nation is reeling from the death of a young soldier at Fort Hood in Texas, Errera’s death is a reminder of the sacrifices and sacrifice of the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect this country.

“It is something that I want to be remembered for and to honor,” said Jessica Errera in a video that will be shown at the memorial.

The Errera family has had a hard time dealing with the loss, but Jessica Errea said she was able to share with her husband that they will have a “special day together.”

The Errares had been living in Alabama before moving to the U.S. from Spain in 2005.

Jessica Errera said the couple had been searching for an apartment near their home in Atlanta and had found it in June 2015.

When they moved into their new home, they learned about the national memorial to Errera and his wife, Jess.

In September 2015, a ceremony was held to commemorate Eric Errare’s life.

Now, the family is planning a special ceremony for Eric Errea’s funeral, which will be at Arlington National Cemeteries.

A number of veterans and their families are scheduled to attend.

According to the memorial, Errea died of acute traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in May 2015.

He died of an accidental discharge after a battle in Iraq.

He was buried in a military cemetery in Alabama, and he will be interred in the Arlington Cemetery.