Confederate flag hangs from the memorial hall in Houston


— The memorial to Confederate soldiers and a statue of Robert E. Lee in a Houston park have become a symbol of a painful history for residents of a historically Black city and the nation.

The memorial to Robert E., the last of the four Confederate generals who commanded the Union army in the American Civil War, has been removed from the city’s Hall of Remembrance and is being moved to a state park in southern Texas.

The statue of Lee is also on the move.

It was erected in honor of Lee’s birthday on Sept. 8, 1862, in the park.

The Confederate flag is the same flag displayed at the National Cemetery of the Confederacy in Charlottesville, Virginia, where a white nationalist gathered on Aug. 12 to protest a white supremacist rally and clashes with counterprotesters.

President Donald Trump, who called the Charlottesville clashes “an act of pure hatred,” condemned white supremacy and violence in the city.

The president condemned “violence on many sides” and called the violence in Charlottesville a “very sad reminder of the pain we all feel in our country.”