What the Southerners think of the Confederate Memorial Hall

COLBY, S.C. —   A day after President Donald Trump visited a memorial hall dedicated to the victims of the Charleston church massacre, the city has begun construction of a new monument to the Confederacy.

The unveiling of the new monument in Colby will be Saturday at the Colby Memorial Hall, located on the southern edge of town, according to Mayor Mark Burden. 

The ceremony, which will be held at noon, will feature the president and first lady, as well as local leaders and local businesses. 

“The city and state are committed to providing an inclusive space for everyone to come and express their opinions and participate in our conversation,” Burden said. 

A memorial is planned for the monument in a park near the entrance to the town square, which was the site of the first church shooting in 1865.

The park is open to the public. 

On Thursday, Burden sent out an email inviting members of the public to join the celebration.

“This will be a public forum for people to share their thoughts and opinions about this issue,” he said in the email.

In the past, people have been asked to join in with the “tolerance movement” to build monuments honoring Confederate veterans.

Burden said the new memorial will also include a “history of the city” that will include the history of slavery and the Confederacy, as a way to “make this a space that’s welcoming to all, not just white people.”

“The people that have done this before and the people that are going to do this, they’ve got a history,” he added. 

President Donald Trump arrives at the memorial to commemorate the victims and victims’ families at the Charleston memorial hall in Colbys, South Carolina, U.S., April 4, 2021.

 (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)President Donald J. Trump, first lady Melania Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, U, S, Gen. Robert E. Lee, R, and Confederate Gen. Stonewall Jackson attend the dedication of a monument at the Capitol Hill Memorial Hall on April 4 in Washington, D.C., U.K.