How to make a memorial hall in your backyard

An Arkansas man was given a big hug from a group of strangers after he made a memorial to the victims of a mass shooting in an industrial park.

The unidentified man, who goes by the name Aiden, was greeted with cheers from his neighbors as he walked into a memorial space in a rural area of the town of Laconia, about 30 miles south of Little Rock, on Saturday.

The man’s family members joined him, and a small crowd of onlookers came to hug and take photos with him.

It was the second such gathering in two days for Aiden.

The first was held Saturday.

Aiden’s family says the second event was not a memorial, but a show of support.

A lot of people are here because of this incident.

So this is just to say, thank you for showing up, he said.