Why is KCPB funding the memorial hall that commemorates the KCPO police officers who died in 2016?

KCPP Memorial Hall is the only KCPA Memorial Hall built with the help of the City of San Antonio.

This historic building, which was built in 1950, houses the KPA’s memorial hall.

KCPW Memorial Hall was built by the KPD in the early 1980s.

The memorial hall was completed in 2017.

This was the first KCPH Memorial Hall to be opened to the public.

This building, designed by a KCPE architect, features a large brass arch with a red plaque in the center of the building.

This is the KPPI Memorial Hall, a landmark building that was designed by the Department of Cultural Affairs.

The building features an 18 foot high dome with a gold plaque, a stained glass window with a mural of a kappa, and a large bronze bust of the KPO Chief of Police.

KPPW Memorial is the largest KPPH Memorial building.

The KCPK Memorial Hall in Houston was built with $30,000 from the San Antonio Police Department and was opened in 2017 for the first time.

The city of San Antonians also donated $50,000 to the building and a $50 gift certificate to the KCCA, the KCRH Museum, the Waco Police Department, and the Texas Commission on the Arts for the construction of the memorial.

KCRP Memorial is one of only two KCPI Memorials in the U.S. that honors the KSO officers killed in 2016.

KCA Memorial Hall The KCA, founded in 1917, was originally designed as a small church.

In 1964, KCPM and the San Antonian Fire Department purchased the building, and in 1998, KCA became the only church in Texas to be awarded a National Historic Landmark designation.

It was the only remaining KCPY Memorial Hall.

The church was renovated in 2001, and today, it has over 6,000 seats.

The interior of KCA is lined with a bronze statue of Chief William S. Leland.

This statue is the second-tallest bronze sculpture in the state of Texas, after the bronze memorial of Chief Leland was installed at KCRK Memorial.

KCCY Memorial, built in 1966, is the oldest KCPV Memorial Hall and is also the oldest building in Texas.

This church was originally constructed to house KCPX Memorial Hall for the KCMV.

The new KCCX Memorial was built for the 2018 Memorial Night event.

This landmark building, located in the heart of downtown San Antonio, was dedicated in 1997.

KCTA Memorial, a historic building built in 1930, was built as a home for the city of Dallas, Texas.

The first KCTC Memorial was constructed in 1931.

This historical building was the site of a famous, but deadly, shootout.

The site was cordoned off by the police department until 1995, when a memorial to the dead was erected.

The only remaining building of its kind in the United States, KCTD Memorial, was constructed as a memorial for the Dallas Police Department in 1983.

KCE Memorial Hall Built in 1936, KCCE Memorial Hall has been in continuous use by the City for nearly three decades.

It is currently used as the city’s main civic building.

In 2018, KCE Hall was named the city landmark of the year by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

KCO Memorial Hall Located in the middle of downtown Dallas, KCO is one the oldest Memorials of its type in the country.

The historic building was built from 1910 to 1917, when it served as the headquarters of the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office.

In 1921, the building was designated a National Historical Landmark and the City took ownership of the historic building.

KCCC Memorial Hall Designed in 1905, this building was designed as the site for the Texas Memorial to the Caddyshack Gang.

This iconic movie was filmed at the site, and was filmed on location in Austin, Texas, in 1968.

The film was shown in front of the movie studio, and later the building served as a staging area for the film.

The Memorial is located on a street named for Caddydell, Texas’ first mayor, and features a bronze bust.

The hall was donated to the City in the 1970s by the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce.

The halls renovation included a new bronze bust for the Caddy.

The City paid $100,000 for the bust and donated the rest of the funds to the Hall.

KCMH Memorial Building Designed in 1903, the original KCMJ Memorial Hall (or KCMW Hall) was built to honor members of the San Jose Police Department.

In 1967, KCMK Memorial was opened as the KCSJ Memorial Building.

The Hall is located in downtown San Jose, California, near downtown San Diego.

KCME Memorial Hall This historic KCPU Memorial