How to get an ‘unprecedented’ Gedling Memorial Hall in Philadelphia to look like the Gedlings

In the fall of 2019, when the city was struggling to find new parking spots, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation officials and volunteers started a new effort to help fill some of the remaining spots.

In a video posted on YouTube, Parks and Rec workers use a forklift to move a large metal grinder into a parking lot in West Philly’s Park Heights neighborhood.

In the video, one worker can be seen lifting a large shovel into the space where the GEDLING memorial was originally built. 

At that time, the Gedsling memorial had been removed from the front of the memorial building and replaced with a new one, designed by the firm Gedlinger & Associates.

But a few months later, Parks & Rec staff discovered a hole in the concrete slab, which they said was causing the memorial to bend under the weight of the new memorial. 

“We knew the grinder wouldn’t be able to do it,” Parks & Recreation spokesman Eric Minkowski told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“So we went into the park to see if there was anything we could do to make the hole smaller.”

Minkowski said the Parks & Reqs staff was amazed to find that the grinders was actually making a huge dent in the grating, causing it to bend and break apart. 

The Parks & Rrs team spent a week digging up the hole, then spent another week replacing the hole with a concrete slab.

It’s unclear what the effect of the gratering on the Gedenling memorial will be, but it may be worth it to remove the grated plaque and replace it with a smaller memorial, said Parks & Rebstrysss spokeswoman Stephanie Miller.

“There’s a lot of people in the community who appreciate the memory of the Gedeldings, and they’re really grateful that they can see their name on it,” Miller said. 

To commemorate the Gededlings death, Philadelphia’s City Council voted in late October to donate $1.4 million in parking fees to the city to build a new memorial plaza in West Philadelphia, to be called the Ghedling Memorial Plaza. 

But that plan fell through. 

Now, the City Council will decide whether to make permanent the $1 million donation in the next few weeks. 

A memorial plaza will be built on the north side of the former Gedeling Memorial, where the city is considering removing the memorial from the park. 

According to the Parks and Rebstries website, the memorial was built in the late 1880s to commemorate the death of the legendary American artist Robert Gedinger.

It was designed by Gedler’s nephew, who also designed the original memorials in the 1940s.