Blackwood Memorial Hall Vanderbilt’s first women’s varsity basketball game begins: A look at the event


— Vanderbilt will be the first women to play in a women’s college basketball game at the Blackwood Hall in Glendale, California, when the Blackwoods open a season at the University of Alabama on Friday.

Vanderplastvbilt is the first woman to play at Blackwood.

The first varsity team in a non-college football league to be on the court in the same building.

The school also hosted the inaugural season of the National Basketball Association (NBA) at Blackwoods.

“The Blackwood Football team will be on our campus for the first time in Blackwood history,” said Blackwoods athletic director Mike Zegas.

“The Blackwoods were founded as the Black Hills Athletic Association in 1891.

Our women’s program has been around since 1891 and we are excited to have a new chapter of our women’s football team.”

The Black Woods men’s basketball team was announced last year and will play at South Alabama in 2019.

Blackwood has never hosted a varsity men’s football game.

The opening game of the 2018 season will be at the home of former University of Georgia head coach Willie Fritz and former UConn basketball coach Mike Riley, the Black Woods said in a news release.

“We look forward to playing the Black Wood Football team, the University at Black Hills, the St. Francis Xavier University football team and the University and the College of Charleston in the inaugural varsity season.”

The 2018 season also marks the first year in Blackwoods history the team will play home games on the campus.

Blackwoods also has two other varsity sports, football and basketball, including baseball.