How much did it cost for the Stadio Olimpico to get that stadium built?

After years of waiting, a new stadium for the San Siro is finally being built.

The Stadios Olimpicos was built to accommodate the new club in 1999 and the stadium, which is the biggest in Serie A, is expected to open in 2021.

The construction has been marred by numerous problems.

A few weeks ago, a crane collapsed at the site.

And now, according to an investigation published in Il Fatto Quotidiano, the construction has now cost €2.5 billion.

The project has been plagued by numerous delays.

There were also several delays in getting permits from the local authority.

In one of the first delays, construction was stopped due to heavy rains in January 2019.

According to Il Fato, the team did not receive any permits until January 20th, 2020.

The delay in construction also meant that the stadium did not open until November, 2019.

However, the new stadium has been a success, as the team has secured the rights to play there.

The stadium is currently being used as the base of the new Italian team, Lazio, and will host the first matches of the season in 2020.

“The Stadialos Olimpeos is an excellent and very necessary stadium,” the president of the team, Gianluca Di Marzio, told Sport Italia.

“It’s important for the development of the club as a whole and we believe that it’s important to put it into a new era.”

Di Marzo also added that it would be a great honour to see the stadium in its new position and said that the club would be able to build a new ground.

The team has also said that they are looking for a new sponsor for the stadium.

According the report, Di Marzano is also planning to make changes to the stadium so that it can be a more sustainable venue for the team.

The new stadium will also host the Champions League.

In the meantime, the city is looking for funds for the reconstruction of the stadium and its surroundings, the Il Fattore Sport reports.

According this article, a team has been formed to help the city restore the stadium to its original state.

The president of Lazio and the mayor of Milan are looking at a possible joint investment to improve the stadium for all of Italy, according Il Fittore Sport.