Downton’s memorial hall closes as its tenants struggle to cope

Downtons memorial hall in Melbourne’s south-east has been closed after more than 10 months.

Key points: The Downtont memorial hall has been in operation for more than a decadeThe building was originally designed as a community hub but has now become a venue for private events and partiesThe centre has also served as a venue to host events and events have been held there since 2014The building is being converted into a public spaceThe Downtront Memorial Hall was originally created to be a public place, but is now being used as a private space.

The Dauntless Foundation and its partner, the Daunters, opened the building in 1994 to celebrate the centenary of the Downtoons family.

Downton was the first children’s television show to be nominated for a Peabody Award and its hit series has been seen by more than 100 million viewers worldwide.

In 2016, the building became a venue that hosts private events, with private events being held there for over 10 years.

On Wednesday, the centre closed.

The foundation has said the centre’s tenant, the local business The Daunties, have been forced to shut down because of a lack of funds.

“The Duntys Memorial Centre is currently not able to sustain itself and we need to make this transition,” Dauntess Foundation manager Andrew Rafferty said.

“With no other choice but to close, we have decided to take the centre down.”

Mr Raffert said the foundation would use the remaining space to create a new, private space for its other tenants.

“We have a very strong and stable partner in The Dunties, who have been very supportive of our vision for the site and the space,” he said.

The centre’s owner, the Melbourne City Council, said it had not yet received the necessary financial support to complete the conversion.

“As soon as we have received the required funding, we will be able to continue to operate the centre, including hosting events and services for the community,” a spokeswoman said.

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