NY Times: Trump ‘not happy’ with the new ‘Trump Memorial Hall’

“This is not a memorial hall,” Trump said in his speech.

“This was built to be a monument to the memory of the victims of 9/11.” 

Trump was referring to a new memorial hall in Brooklyn that he has said is to be built by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, and will be called the “Trump Memorial House” because it will feature the names of “the 9/17 hijackers.”

The building will be funded by a $1.6 billion federal grant that is set to expire next year.

The building, which is in the Brooklyn borough of Queens, is expected to open in 2017, but Trump has been criticized for not announcing its construction sooner.

Trump said the new building will include a public plaza, a museum with a museum exhibit, a “dynamic” pedestrian walkway, a memorial plaza, and “a public plaza for the families of those killed.” 

In his speech, Trump noted that he was proud of the building and its location. 

“This is a beautiful building,” Trump told the crowd.

“We can’t afford to lose it.

We have to save it.” 

After his speech on Thursday, Trump spoke to a group of New York mayors and members of the news media in New York, where he said he has been working to get the memorial building approved for construction. 

Trump also took time to thank New York’s police officers, saying he’s proud of their work. 

He also spoke about the victims, and said that he wants to see a memorial for them, though he did not specifically name the victims. 

The president also said that his administration is working on a list of 10 victims of the September 11, 2001, attacks and would have the names publicly released “as soon as we can.” 

“I want to thank all the first responders who have done an amazing job and their families who have been here with us today,” Trump added. 

On Friday, the president signed an executive order that will require federal contractors to include victims of terrorist attacks in their contract reviews, a move that Trump called a “great move” and “one of the biggest things we’ve done as president.” 

Earlier Friday, Trump signed an order directing the Pentagon to revise guidelines that would allow the military to release information about the deaths of service members in Iraq and Afghanistan to the public.