How does Memorial Hall look now that Barford has reopened?

Hockessins Memorial Hall, which was originally built in the mid-1970s as a temporary home for a small group of local musicians, is now home to the funeral home and a restaurant.

As part of the renovation, the memorial hall has become a dining area for visitors and has become one of the city’s busiest places.

It’s been home to Memorial Hall for over 25 years, and its reopened to the public after the restaurant closed in April.

Memorial Hall is now serving as a place for funeral homes to rent space and for people to meet and talk.

 Hockessinas Memorial Hall has a lot of history.

It was built in 1974 by local musician and bar owner Tom Barford, who was also the manager of the funeral homes in the area.

Barford died in 1998 and his family later acquired the building.

He was a regular patron of Memorial Hall and was remembered as “the kindest man in the world.”

Barford had several sons who played in bands, including bassist Mikey Barford.

The Memorial Hall building in the early 1970s was home to a small number of local musical bands, and Barford and his wife, Sue, were friends of the local musicians.

In 1976, Barford passed away, and his estate sold the Memorial Hall to his son Tom.

Since then, the bar has been a home for several musical groups including the Kontakt Orchestra, the New Orleans Saints and the National Symphony Orchestra.

In 2009, the Memorial House became a food truck, and it now serves up the popular chicken salad called BBQ, with a lot more creativity than the classic “cheese and rice” salad that was served at Memorial Hall.