The colbury Memorial Hall, a tribute to the Boston Bruins players who died in the 2012 Boston Marathon bombings

A memorial to the fallen Bruins players in Boston has been unveiled, and it’s packed with memories from their past.

The memorial hall was dedicated on Sunday in honor of the Bruins players and the city they call home.

The hall is filled with photos and memorabilia from the players, and the players’ faces are displayed on the glass.

They were all taken on the night of the bombings in February 2012, when five people died and more than 350 were injured.

It’s a poignant tribute to all those who lost their lives on the Boston Marathon.

The hall is one of many things to be displayed in the building that was designed by the Boston Architecture and Design Museum.

The museum is an institution of Boston, and in its past it has been home to Boston Bruins hockey memorabilia, including the team’s jerseys and gear.

It will host the ceremony on Monday.

The memorial hall has been decorated with Bruins-themed artwork.

The Boston Bruins logo is displayed on one wall, and there are also Bruins-related items such as jerseys, hats and scarves.

There is also a banner honoring the Bruins, with the team name and number on the front.

There are also photos of players such as Cam Neely and Patrice Bergeron, who were teammates with the Bruins during the 2011-12 season.

There’s a plaque honoring the families of the victims of the Boston marathon bombings.

The players’ names are displayed at the bottom of the hall, and a banner in the middle of the room reads, “Boston has lost.

We are stronger together.”

The memorial room is also home to a memorial wall, which is decorated with the names of the players and their families.

There’s also a tribute wall for the Boston Celtics and the Boston Fire Department.