What if the world was a giant memorial to the people who died in WW1?

The idea of a giant mass memorial to those who died during the Great War has been around since the mid-1900s, when the idea first popped up in a book called The Great War: The Great American Memory.

But this idea hasn’t really gained traction for some time, since a lack of money and public support meant the idea was eventually forgotten.

It was revived recently with the help of a crowdfunding campaign in the United States that raised $50,000 to make the project a reality.

Now, a group of artists, historians, historians from around the world are taking on the task.

They hope to create a memorial in honor of the millions of people who lost their lives in World War I and have been forgotten.

They’re asking for $25,000 for their project, which they say is the largest crowdfunding project in the history of the memorial movement.

Their project is part of the “Unb Memorial Hall” campaign that started on Kickstarter in March of this year.

The Unb Memorial hall will be a memorial to all those who perished in the war, and include a “mass graves” section that is dedicated to the thousands of people killed at the frontlines.

The site will be built in the middle of the town of Stotfold, in Stotfolds hometown of Woburn.

The team has already raised more than $2,500 of their $25k goal, and they’re already on their way to their first destination, which is now in the works.

The campaign has already gotten a lot of attention, with the project getting more than 8,000 supporters and an outpouring of support from around 10 different countries.

In a post on their Kickstarter page, the team says that it hopes to reach the $25K mark by the end of May, and then they will take a closer look at the memorial in an effort to find funding.

The group also plans to create additional memorials to the fallen, and hopes to raise $5,000 in order to create an outdoor memorial in Stots’ Memorial Park, a large park near the village.

The goal of the campaign is to get the memorial project off the ground and into the hands of the public, and is also meant to be a way to get other people interested in the idea.

The “UnB Memorial Hall,” which is the group’s plan for a memorial, has a total budget of $25.5k, with $2.25k of that going towards the cost of the site itself.

The other $5k is earmarked for a variety of “events” that will take place during the project’s completion, including a concert, a community forum, a memorial service, and even an open house.

In the end, the memorials will have to be funded by the community, and that will be done through the crowdfunding campaign.

The final destination is a small memorial at the town’s church, and the church itself has already agreed to help out, which will allow the memorial to be installed there.

“We’re excited about getting to Stotfingolds Memorial Park and we’re excited that the public will come together and be involved,” said Kristopher Ebert, one of the founders of the project.

“People will come out and have a real, tangible experience of this thing and hopefully get inspired to take on the challenge.”

In the coming months, the Unb memorial will be designed, built, and eventually installed in Stotes Memorial Park.

As a result, the project is not a direct continuation of the Stotfs World War II memorial, but is instead a new way to honor those who have died in the First World War.

“The project is really about remembering people and remembering the dead, but also about building a memorial that will also be a reminder of the people that made history and helped shape the world,” said Ebert.

“It’s a real collaborative effort, and it’s really a way for people to have a common place to reflect on history, to remember the history, and to make it a better place for future generations to come.”