Nehru Memorial Hall: ‘Theres a huge gap in our knowledge’

The world’s oldest memorial to a war hero is to be unveiled in the capital this week.

The Nehuru Memorial Hall in the city of Kharagpur is dedicated to the Indian military leader who led a rebellion in India’s south in 1947.

The memorial is the largest memorial in India, with the hall’s total area of about 300 square metres.

The building is set to be the centrepiece of a new art exhibition, titled ‘India’s Military History’, by Indian artist and sculptor Rajendra Jha.

The exhibition will be at the Nehurga Art Gallery from January 25 to February 16.

Jha said the aim of the exhibition is to explore the history of India’s military and the role of soldiers in the nation’s history.

He said the exhibition aims to show the role played by soldiers in shaping the national identity and politics in India.

“Our goal is to show how India has fought for its independence from England in the 19th century,” Jha told AFP news agency.

“It’s about the importance of our soldiers.

We wanted to find a way to explore and explore this connection between our soldiers and the nation.”

In the exhibition, Jha will portray a soldier in the role that inspired him to join the Indian Army in the first place, and his story of heroism in the struggle for independence.

“He was a fearless soldier who fought bravely for India’s independence,” Jho told AFP.

“This was his legacy.”

India’s First President, Jawaharlal Nehru, is believed to have commanded the Indian armed forces in the First World War.

His death in 1956 marked the end of the Indian Armed Forces, and India became a full member of the United Nations in 1951.