How to Celebrate Prince Hall Memorial Day: The Littleton Memorial Hall

It was an incredible time in Littleton.

In September 2017, as a memorial to Prince, we celebrated a birthday that many others would have celebrated on a different day.

But for some, it was an unforgettable moment, one that could not be captured in a tweet.

And while some are thankful that the day has passed, others are not.

They are still searching for meaning and hope in the moment.

The day that made the most difference, a day when a man in a wheelchair was honored and a young boy who was battling cancer was brought home from his second surgery, is not one that many would have considered on a regular basis.

But it happened in the heart of the city.

On September 18, 2017, a little girl named Lola Walker-Travis was born.

She was the first child born at the Littleton Public Hospital and the only one to have a special surgery.

The child was born on the day that a special committee of physicians was created to look at possible treatments for children born with rare genetic conditions.

That special committee met the night before to look for possible treatment options, and Lola was one of the few babies who was diagnosed with the rare genetic condition called Lopergan syndrome.

Lopergan is a genetic condition that causes the child’s lungs to become smaller and the baby’s heart to be smaller, making the baby vulnerable to infections.

And it can also lead to other developmental issues.

Walker-T Travis, whose birth is one of about 3,000 children with Lopergans in the U.S., was diagnosed just before her second birthday, according to a press release from the hospital.

Lopergon syndrome can cause the child to have developmental problems.

But her story is one that was not lost on those who attended the meeting, which took place on the night of September 18.

She had a very special birthday.

The Littleton High School marching band led a march through the streets of Littleton on the first day of Prince Hall’s celebration.

The band was joined by other groups, including the Little Theater.

And during the march, there were more than 1,000 people.

The next day, on September 19, the band and other groups joined together to remember Lola and to pray for her recovery.

The Little Theater was the venue for the march.

The event that brought everyone together and led to a special day was a special time.

We did not celebrate the day on a day where it was easy, but we did celebrate a day that we were able to have her in our hearts.

As the news spread on social media that the special committee had been formed to look into possible treatments, it brought out many in the community who were excited about the possibility of a cure.

People in the area were excited to have their children’s first birthday in a hospital and to be able to celebrate that day.

But many of those who were in attendance were also saddened.

People were looking forward to the day, but when the day came, it felt like it was lost.

A special committee was created.

It was a meeting of people who could not celebrate on a normal day, and they were told to not come to the celebration.

I think that we lost our special day.

The special committee, the committee of the experts, was not made up of the families of the patients.

It did not include people who had lost loved ones, like the nurses and doctors.

People had to be invited to attend.

We lost something special.

We lost a special thing, too.

The news of Lola’s birth was a huge, and very emotional moment for many in Littletrellas community.

The celebration was one that had never been celebrated before, but people were proud of it.

But not everyone was happy about it.

I think it’s important to remember, and I think it is important to make sure that we don’t lose a day like this one.

And I think this day will be remembered for the next 50 years.

I know it will be, but that day will not be lost forever.

I know we can look back at this day as the day where we realized we have a child that can walk and that has lungs that can open.

It will be one of our favorite memories.

We also lost one of life’s most important milestones in this community.

But we also won something special, and that is what this day represents.