Resolutions to honor victims of the Texas church shooting

By now, we’ve seen some of the horrific things the shooting at a First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs has brought to light.

The church is a major target for the Islamic State group, which has been trying to use the shooting to inspire more attacks.

So we have some very serious problems in the country right now.

And for the first time, we’re seeing a lot of the people that were there for those victims coming forward, like the Reverend Dr. Michael Smith, who’s a minister at St. Michael’s Church in Houston.

He’s been a friend of Sutherland Springs, and he told CNN he had the courage to come forward to say that he saw a group of people running down the street.

It was about four people in a dark car.

He says he saw some kids in the car who were walking with guns and knives, and there were about 10 of them.

They were talking to some of their neighbors.

He told me they had a rifle, and I think they were going to the grocery store, and they were just standing there, and that’s what scared me the most, because it was just a group in the dark with guns.

Smith said he got in his car and ran to the church, and the group came toward him.

“I said, ‘You need to get down,’ and they just started shooting,” Smith said.

“It was just all of this violence and it’s like they were all just running and shooting.”

Smith was shot in the back.

He said he was in the church for his sermon, and then he heard gunshots and a man screaming for help.

He started to run to the parking lot, but as soon as he saw the group of kids running toward him, he said, “I ran, and my heart just went out.

I just got shot.”

Sutherland Springs is one of the largest cities in Texas, and it has been hit hard by the attack, and in the wake of the shooting, Smith said the community has been in mourning.

He hopes the community can come together and unite behind the church.

He is asking people to keep praying and praying, and pray for the victims of this tragedy.

The Reverend Dr Michael Smith is a minister of St. Luke’s Baptist Church, where the shooting took place.

He was shot and wounded in the shooting that killed five people, including himself.

(Published Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2019) Smith has also been a strong advocate for LGBT people, and recently spoke at the United Methodist Church of Sutherland County in Austin.

He has a large following of congregants in the area.

And he has been a leader in the community in helping people get out of poverty.

But Smith also had a difficult time dealing with the news that he is gay, and said that the church in Sutherland was one of his favorite places to be.

“We had a beautiful little church there.

It just wasn’t very welcoming.

It wasn’t the place I’d like to be at any time,” Smith told CNN.

Smith and other parishioners have been calling for a vigil and for a memorial at the church on Tuesday, and have set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for the church and the victims.

The page has raised more than $25,000.

But the amount raised is not enough to cover the cost of the memorial, which will cost $15,000 and be covered by the victims’ families.

Smith has set up an online fundraising campaign to help cover the memorial.

He wants to honor the victims by hosting a prayer service and having a memorial service at the site of the attack.

“That’s the only thing I can do, as a pastor and a human being, is help these victims and those who were killed to have the opportunity to honor their dead, and to have this memorial to honor them,” Smith explained.