Al Jazeera: ‘The war on terror’ has failed

The war on terrorism has failed.

The war against terrorism has been the principal objective of the US-led coalition, but the outcome has been mixed.

The first attempt at a successful campaign was the war on Afghanistan, in which the US and its allies claimed to have defeated al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups, but ended with thousands of Afghan lives lost.

This time around, the US has attempted to counter the Islamic State group with the war against IS, and a limited success has been achieved.

But even if the campaign succeeds in the short term, the war itself has failed to stop IS and its supporters from coming back.

The battle to defeat IS has proven that the US is not invincible and that, even if it loses the war, the global war against terror will continue.

The War on Terror has not been defeated – yet The war has failed in the long term.

In the US, the Islamic world has been at war for more than 20 years, and in the meantime, the world has witnessed an escalating number of terror attacks.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have led to a rise in terror attacks around the world.

This is not the case in the Middle East, where the fight against IS and other extremist groups has been going on for years.

According to the US Department of State, the number of terrorist attacks worldwide increased by a staggering 2.7 million from 2015 to 2016.

This was largely the result of the war in Syria, where more than 300,000 people have been killed.

In Iraq, the death toll in the war has reached over 1.5 million, according to the Iraqi government.

The US has failed miserably to stop the tide of terrorist violence, with thousands killed, injured and displaced.

And, the international community, which is supposed to be the guarantor of peace, has failed again and again.

In some cases, this has meant that the perpetrators of terror crimes have been granted refuge in Europe and the United States, where they are protected from justice.

And this has led to the growing number of attacks, including attacks in Europe, that have killed innocent civilians, such as the attack in the French city of Nice.

What’s next?

The US-NATO-led campaign against IS has failed, in part because it has failed at reducing the number and scope of terrorist groups.

So the US government, which has been waging war against the Islamic caliphate, has also failed in its mission to prevent the return of IS to the Middle-East.

And the US now finds itself on the verge of having to deal with another jihadist group, Jabhat al-Nusra, that it has been unable to defeat.

The failure of the military campaign against ISIL and Jabhat a-Nusra has led some analysts to argue that the international fight against terror is far from over.

This would include the fight in Syria and Iraq, as well as the fight to counter IS.

As the fight goes on, the fight for the international peace and security of all people will be increasingly difficult, as it is the fight that will eventually decide the fate of the global jihad.