Obama’s National Park Service is considering a monument in honor of slain Black Lives Matter activist: ‘It would be really cool’

By Michael GrunwaldPublished November 14, 2016 05:52:09President Barack Obama is reportedly considering a national monument in memory of slain activist Laquan McDonald, according to CNN.

The National Park service says it will decide whether to designate the Memorial to Laquon McDonald in his honor after its board meets this week.

McDonald was fatally shot on Jan. 18, 2016, by a police officer in Chicago.

He was a leader of the Black Lives Matters movement that advocates for police accountability and civil rights.

McDonald’s death spurred protests across the country and sparked a nationwide nationwide movement for change.

McDonald’s family, including his mother and two sisters, have spoken out against the move.

They have said he was killed by a white police officer and not because of the protests against police brutality.

Mcdonald’s death led to protests in the city, and the Chicago police department has been under fire for its handling of the case.