How to be a good death metal fan (and make friends)

A memorial hall has become a hotbed for Australian death metal fans and the venue is the centre of an online war of words between those who claim it is a safe space for them and those who see it as a venue for harassment.

The venue has become the centrepiece of a Facebook page dedicated to “safe spaces” in Australia, which is currently being used to battle a Facebook post by a woman claiming the hall was unsafe.

“I have heard people talk about how safe the venue can be, but it isn’t,” one Facebook user wrote.

“In the end, the room is still a place of danger.

If you don’t have a safe environment, how will you know when someone is being rude?”

One Facebook user has posted that the “safe space” is a “deadly weapon” against anyone who tries to “harass” her.

The memorial hall was founded in 2001 by a group of friends from the Sydney suburb of Glenelg.

A post on the group’s Facebook page on Tuesday said the venue was “safe and open to all and not a place for violence, intimidation, or harassment”.

“As long as the music is good, and there’s a community there, we have a good time,” the post said.

People are just as safe as they are in any other venue in Australia.””

It’s a safe place to get together, to listen to good music and to have fun.

People are just as safe as they are in any other venue in Australia.”

The memorial has attracted attention from the likes of the ABC’s The Current and The New Daily, which have both called for it to be shut down.

The page was created on Thursday and has been shared over 14,000 times.

“The place is a space where we can be a little bit of an outsider.

It’s a place where we don’t feel like we have to be the boss, but we can feel like that,” one user wrote on the page.”

You know, if you look at the way people talk to us on the internet, they have no idea that this place is really, really safe.”

But on Tuesday night, the Facebook page was edited to say the memorial was a “safe place” and to say there were “no restrictions”.

“The hall is open to everyone,” the page said.

“There is no rule that says you can’t enter, but you cannot be rude to anyone.”

The post has been retweeted more than 1,000 time, and was later shared on the Facebook account of the former head of the Australian Human Rights Commission.

“This is a very dangerous place for anyone who doesn’t have the support of the human rights community,” the person wrote.

Facebook user Anne Wurm said she had “been bullied and harassed for years” and felt her friend had been “taken advantage of” and had been bullied and “harassed” in the hall.

“She is a really lovely person and this is a real fear for a lot of us who have been victims of online abuse,” she said.

Ms Wurmbach said she believed the group was trying to “create a safe zone”.

“We have to have some sort of safe space to be ourselves,” she told the ABC.

“We have no right to have this space to do that.”

Ms Wum said the hall, which had been used by people like her friend for years, had become a “target” for harassment and death metal acts were being organised at the venue.

“If they were really really honest with themselves and really had no other choice but to shut it down, we’d just move to another venue,” she added.

“It doesn’t mean that this is the end of our relationship with the venue, but if they are going to continue to do this to people who aren’t like them, then we can’t have any part of it.”

Ms Wang said she was “furious” that the Facebook group was pushing the venue to close.

“They need to listen,” she wrote on Facebook.

“This is not about safety.

This is about freedom of speech.

If this is about them wanting to shut down a free speech venue, they should be ashamed of themselves.”