When the memorial hall became a museum, the people loved it

Forestville has a long history of memorial halls.

They are not only a part of our history but also a part to our culture.

For me it’s a little bit different because it’s such a quiet place, a small town.

There are a lot of people that come out of town and you see the memorial halls that are built over time, but not for me.

I have this love of all things memorial hall.

The one thing I like about the memorial is that you can come out here and get up and sit in the sun for hours.

I love that you get up here and have a good time and you get to say goodbye to the people that you loved.

You see a lot that’s come out recently, with the construction of the memorial centre, the new memorial hall in Tailem, and the installation of the new façade.

What do you like about those things?

I think that’s what I enjoy about them.

There’s the fact that they have been done by the people who were there, and I think it’s just been a great, great process.

Do you have a favourite tree in the park?

Well, the tree that’s on the other side of the street, it’s one of my favourites, I think.

Is there a tree you’re particularly fond of?

Well I love the trees that are up in the middle of the park, I love those trees that I think are beautiful.

How does it feel to be an Australian?

To be here in the country and to be here as a representative of Australia.

It’s an honour to represent Australia.

What are your favourite things about being a part the memorial?

I like the fact I can get up in front of the house and look out at the sea and see the sun coming up.

I can’t imagine how the people would feel if they had a different view of the world, I just can’t picture how they would feel.