‘Hate speech’: Protesters hold a vigil at Sydney’s Olympic Park

A group of anti-Muslim protesters gathered at Sydney Olympic Park to show their solidarity with the Muslim community following an anti-Islam speech in which one protester said he would not “leave Sydney” if he was “allowed to speak” at the event.

The rally was held at the Sydney Olympic Parks precinct on Monday, where the International Olympic Committee is based.

About 100 protesters were holding a candlelight vigil in the area, which has a Muslim population of about 10,000 people.

One protester told the ABC he did not want to be “left out” in the cold.

He said he felt “disrespected” and was angry that he was not allowed to speak at the protest.

“I feel like I’m not treated fairly,” he said.

“I don’t want to live in this city anymore,” protester Zafar Ahmed said. “

This is not an Olympic city, this is a world-class city.”

“I don’t want to live in this city anymore,” protester Zafar Ahmed said.

One man, a Muslim woman, was seen carrying a placard with a number of words that read “Don’t let hate speak”.

“We want to show our support to Muslims,” protester Zahra Farooqi told the crowd.

“If you feel like you’re not safe, we want you to feel safe.”

Ms Faroozi said she did not expect anyone to leave the area.

“My hope is that there’s not going to be any violence, but if there is, I would really hope that we would be able to show the police that we’re not going anywhere,” she said.

Ms Farozi said the protest was a continuation of a similar rally at Sydney International Airport last week.

Police said there were about 100 people on the streets of the Olympic Park at the time.

The police were called to the area after an altercation between protesters and a number who were protesting at the area in a separate incident on Saturday.