What to know about the memorial hall rent dispute

D.C. Memorial Hall’s rental agreement expires July 1.

But that does not mean the building’s lease is up.

The D.D.C.-based nonprofit group, which is run by the National Park Service, has not received a final answer from the National Capital Planning Board, according to the organization.

The park agency has not said how long the lease would remain in effect.

The park agency’s decision on the lease was made during the 2016 lease renewal process, the organization’s attorney, Richard Schmid, said in an email to The Washington Post.

The lease renewal was for a four-year period.

The board approved a contract with the National Historic Preservation Association on July 31, 2018, which ended on Oct. 31, 2019, the park agency said.

The group is appealing the decision to the Federal Aviation Administration.

The National Park is responsible for maintaining the National Mall, as well as a series of other historic landmarks.

It also oversees the National War Memorial and the Washington Monument.

The NPS also has the National Zoo and is responsible in part for the national park’s National Historical Park and other historic sites.

The NPS does not have a lease agreement with the building it manages, and the group did not receive a reply from the agency until Thursday, said a spokeswoman, Sarah Mims.

She said the group plans to appeal the NPS’ decision to Federal Aviation Administrator Michael Huerta.

“The NPA is very upset with the NPA and its lack of communication about its lease, and its refusal to follow the NDA’s lead on a lease renewal,” Mims wrote.

“The NAPA is currently working with the Federal Communications Commission to determine how to remedy this situation.”

D.D.-area residents are not happy with the rental agreement.

They’ve expressed concern over the lack of information on the website and the lack, in general, of a way for them to contact the agency.

The rental agreement has also sparked criticism from other groups.

The nonprofit D.V. Park Center, for example, has been working on a proposal to build a new permanent home for the D.R.C., but the DPA says it is not working with them.DCP spokeswoman Jennifer Hagerty said in a statement, “Our partnership with the DCP is based on mutual respect and mutual trust.”

Hagerty added that the group has a long history of working with local governments and is working with all of them to address issues.

“We hope that the National Parks Service will consider our proposal and continue to work with our neighbors to ensure the future of the National Historical and Park Collections,” she wrote.