What do you remember from the Nanjing massacre?

Nanjing is one of the worst mass murders in Chinese history, and has been in the news for years.

But now, a new memorial hall at the site of the massacre has opened to commemorate those who died.

The memorial hall is the only one in the world to hold the remains of the dead.

And it’s only open to the public for a limited time, until November 1st.

The event was announced by the city government in November.

It’s part of a larger push to memorialize the victims of the Chinese Communist Party-backed Chinese Nationalist Party, or CPP, during the height of the Communist Party’s rule in China.

The CPP led a bloody crackdown on dissidents, including student leaders, and Maoists, who were accused of committing the killings.

The victims include at least 1.2 million people, or nearly a quarter of the total population of the country, according to China Daily.

The Chinese government officially apologized to the families of the victims, saying that the killing of innocent civilians had caused “deep wounds to Chinese society.”

But that apology has been controversial.

The Chinese Communist party, which ran the country for decades, has long insisted that the massacre was the result of an assassination plot.

It also says that China is a victim of history.

The CPP was not accused of any crimes during the massacre.

The new memorial, which is scheduled to open to mourners on November 1, is part of the city’s efforts to honor those who lost their lives during the war, including a new school, a museum and a memorial to the victims’ families.

The city has been trying to build new memorials for its past victims since the Communist party came to power in 1949.

They were built to commemorate the deaths of more than 20 million people during the Cultural Revolution, a period that began when Mao Zedong launched a purge of communists in the early 1970s.

It was a massive purge that forced thousands of political dissidents to disappear, and many of them were never heard from again.

The Tiananmen Square massacre is considered by many to be one of China’s worst massacres.

More than 30,000 people died, and over 20,000 were killed by soldiers and police.

The number of deaths may have been much higher if it wasn’t for a secret police operation known as the “black ops” operation, which used torture and beatings on political opponents to extract confessions.

In the event, hundreds of people died.