What’s happening to the cats in Catisfield Memorial Hall?

Posted February 14, 2018 03:11:16This is the moment a group of cats took the city by storm.

The cats, which had been housed in the Memorial Hall of Catisville for decades, came out of hibernation to start their new lives.

They’ve since been brought back to life and rehomed in a temporary shelter.

The city’s animal control agency says the cats have become so accustomed to living in the old Memorial Hall that they no longer need to be kept indoors, but they’re being housed in a permanent home at Catis Field.

The new cats are all part of a project to rehabilitate the Memorial hall and it will be in a different building soon.

The cats have been living in a small pen for the past year.

They have been fed and watered and they’ve been in a secure room where they have their own space.

The Humane Society of Greater Louisville is also working to find new homes for the animals.

They’ve already taken in two cats who are now free to roam the halls and are happy to see the cats move on.

If you or someone you know needs help, call Animal Care Services at (502) 556-2400 or email [email protected]