How to stop the media from covering the Dallas sniper’s memorial

It is no secret that the media are going to be very, very biased towards the Dallas shooter, as their agenda is to paint all Muslims as terrorists.

However, the media, particularly the mainstream media, is so obsessed with their narratives and the propaganda that they are often oblivious to the truth.

In the case of the Dallas snipers, the mainstream has been equally oblivious, as they have been covering the story entirely as if it were the first of the year. 

The mainstream media have spent the entire year trying to paint a picture of the city in which the Dallas shootings took place as a peaceful, vibrant, and diverse community, one of “peaceful Americans”.

This narrative is based on the fact that the vast majority of Americans are peaceful, just like the Dallas shooters.

This narrative has not only been used to paint Americans as terrorists, but has also served as the basis for countless other government-sanctioned wars. 

What has also been lost in the mainstream narrative is the fact the Dallas shooting was carried out by a white supremacist. 

In fact, the majority of the white supremacist involved in the Dallas attacks were non-white, as well.

According to a report by the New America Foundation, the Dallas attackers were the sole perpetrators of the attack, with the vast bulk of the shooters being white. 

So, what does all of this have to do with the Dallas Sniper Memorial?

The answer is, it all has to do, in part, with white supremacy. 

According to The New American Foundation, white supremacists “attacked the police and killed five officers in Dallas, Texas, during a protest over police brutality in April.” 

As a result, the New American believes that, “the memorial will serve as a stark reminder that racism still permeates our society, and the legacy of those who waged violence and racial injustice.” 

This is the same racist agenda that has driven the American police state since the 1960s.

In fact, it is no wonder that President Trump has been referring to the Dallas massacre as “another Dallas” when the media has been completely ignoring the tragedy. 

There are two primary reasons that white supremacists targeted the police officers in the first place. 

Firstly, the police were the last line of defense against an uprising that would soon erupt in Dallas. 

Secondly, the white supremacists had been given an order by their leader, Charles Wade Smith, to “burn the flag.”

The Dallas sniper was, in essence, ordered to kill white people in order to appease Smith. 

But, what happened in Dallas was not a “white genocide.” 

In Dallas, the shooting took place because of a conflict between two factions of the black community that was stoked by racism and white supremacy, but ultimately, the outcome of the conflict was the end result of the racist, white supremacist agenda that Smith had been pursuing. 

It is no coincidence that, the day after the Dallas attack, the Black Lives Matter movement was founded. 

A white supremacist who was part of that movement, Jesse Jackson, called Black Lives Matters “the greatest civil rights movement in American history.” 

Jackson went on to call the movement “the most important civil rights organization in American History” and said that it “has been responsible for changing the trajectory of the American political system.” 

So it is clear, white supremacy has been the catalyst behind the events in Dallas and will continue to be the catalyst for the violence that will erupt in the coming months. 

White supremacy will continue until it has no place in America and the American government. 

And while it may be tempting to blame President Trump for the events that took place in Dallas on the day that the sniper memorial was vandalized, President Trump does not need to blame white supremacists for the actions of the people in Dallas that day. 

We are a country that is built on the premise that the white race is superior to the black race. 

If we want to stop white supremacy in America, we have to take action on behalf of the oppressed white race.

The actions of white supremacists in Dallas were no different.