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title I was there, I was a victim article title A little bit of my life was lost when my sister was shot and killed at a house party in Ashe, Minnesota.

article source Reddit title I am not a killer, but I was one article title The only way to understand the pain and despair of a young man whose life was stolen by a serial killer article source New York Daily News article title My cousin who committed suicide was never violent or mentally ill.

He was just a bad person article source The Washington Post article title Here are the best memes about the tragic Ashe massacre article source Chicago Tribune article title You should never ask for a job that you are already in.

Here’s how to avoid getting fired article source Newsweek article title Ashe memorial park closed for one day to honor victims of the mass shooting article source AP article title This year’s Memorial Day is the 100th anniversary of the shooting that killed Ashe’s most famous resident, George Harrison. article