Hall memorial library at Cornell University capacity to increase by 500%

The Hall Memorial Library at Cornell will be able to accommodate a capacity of more than 500 people in the space that once housed the hall library.

The library was previously housed in the same location as the library that hosted the memorial hall.

The hall library is also located in the hall, which housed the memorial halls hall.

The new space, which was designed by architect Jens Giesler, is located on the west side of the hall.

This space will be used for both public events and research projects, according to the Cornell Daily Sun.

It will also house a dedicated space for the university’s new Center for Research and Innovation.

The Center for Innovation is the new research hub for the Cornell university.

The center will focus on new and emerging technologies, and it will be housed in a space that is already used by the memorial libraries.

“We believe the new space will serve as a bridge between the hall and the library and will also provide a place for the community to learn about the Hall’s history, the faculty, and the institution,” Cornell officials said in a statement.

“Our goal is to bring the hall back into the heart of Cornell, where it belongs.”

The space will also have a dedicated, public space.

It is unclear when the new facility will open, but it will likely be in 2018.

The new library is expected to open to the public in the fall of 2019.