How to spot the death toll from a wildfire in Gatlinburg

Gatlinburys National Monument is still under evacuation orders, and a small group of visitors have been trying to get to the top of the towering, charred and burned remains of the Cheyenne Mountain Fire that killed more than two dozen people and destroyed thousands of homes and businesses.

But the National Park Service has declared a state of emergency and shut down the remaining national monument on Mount Cheyote, where the Cheysens are located.

A small group is still attempting to reach the summit of the mountain to look at the charred remains.

That is because officials believe a large, burning, gas-burning gas line from a nearby compressor station is the cause of the fire.

The gas lines are still connected, but the National Weather Service says the fire is being fueled by methane gas and has blown up the gas lines to the ground.

So, the National Parks Service has shut down access to the summit for the time being.

“We’re not able to get in there, and we’re not allowed in there,” National Park Ranger Chris Fenton said.

The National Park Rangers are still trying to figure out how to get visitors on the mountain safely.

The group is trying to make their way to the peak from the top, but Fenton says they will have to make a few turns to make it to the base camp of the ridge, and then back up to the mountain.

The ranger said the group has been advised that a fire was burning at the base of the cliff, and that it is not safe to camp there.

“If you are in this area, I would recommend you stay back and do not go up,” Fenton told the group.

The area of the volcano is just outside of Gatlinburgh, and it has been evacuated.

National Park rangers say the basecamp has been closed off and that visitors will have access to a large area of trails and trails are open.

Fenton warns that the fire could be a long-term hazard, and the ranger said that people should take precautions.

He said that anyone who has been to the volcano in the past has seen smoke coming from the base, and he said that they could be experiencing flare-ups from the volcano.

Stay out of this area.'” “

The park is telling everyone, ‘Stay out of the area.

Stay out of this area.'”

He added that they have been warned that there is no power, and no water in the area at this time.

The evacuation of the national park is part of an emergency plan announced earlier this month.

In the same announcement, officials said that if residents and businesses are still experiencing issues after the evacuation, they are encouraged to call the National Disaster Management Center at 1-800-931-8339.

The fire was started about 9:30 a.m. on the Cheytan Mountain Fire Road, according to the National Forest Service.

It was reported to be the second most active wildfire in the park, with more than 50 fires, according the Forest Service website.