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The capacity at Memorial and Crematory Halls at the Victoria Memorial and the Crematoriums in Carlton, Carlton North, the Sunshine Coast and South Yarra is now 100 per cent.

It’s the same as it was when the Victorian Government announced it was closing the two former crematoriums to new residential developments in 2016.

“We have an abundance of crematorium capacity now and we’ll continue to build capacity,” Chief Executive Paul Denton said.

He said there were approximately 5,000 people cremating each year, and that would grow to 10,000 cremation sessions per year.

“At this point, we’ve got a huge number of people coming in and we want to see the capacity in these two crematories increase,” he said.

“Our aim is to maintain the same capacity as it has been, and it’s about maintaining a level playing field for both facilities.”

The two crematorium facilities are located in Carlton North and Carlton South, and they have the capacity to accommodate 5,400 people.

“The facilities in Carlton and Carlton North are absolutely essential to the overall health and wellbeing of our residents and visitors,” Mr Denton explained.

He acknowledged the closure of the former crematories meant the facilities were at a loss to respond to the demands of the community.

“But there is a great deal of opportunity for us to improve the health and wellness of the residents of Carlton and the wider community,” he added.

The Department of Health said the closure was in response to community concerns about the health impacts of the crematorium industry, particularly on the elderly.

“When we opened the facilities, we knew the health implications were not good,” Chief Health Officer Paul Deakin said.

Mr Dickson said the department was also working with local councils and other organisations to help develop more sustainable crematorium processes and technologies.

“It’s important that we work with those communities to help them with that,” he explained.

“So the facilities in the new Crematories will be able to provide a more sustainable and safe cremation and will also allow us to better meet the health needs of residents of the new residential development.”

“We’ve got to continue to work with the community, the local councils, and with the health professionals to make sure that we provide the best care possible.”

The department has been working with the local authorities and community groups to develop a more effective and cost effective approach to the management and maintenance of the two crematory facilities, he said, adding that the Victorian Department of Primary Industries had also been involved in the discussions.

“This is about making sure we’re not leaving anybody behind and not compromising on the safety of our people,” he told the ABC.

The Crematoria in Carlton is operated by the Victoria State Government and is owned by the Victorian State Government.

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