Brownhills Memorial Hall (MT) to reopen after nearly a decade of closure

Posted October 16, 2019 03:16:24The Brownhids Memorial Hall is a state-of-the-art building in the center of town, known as the largest in the county, and home to the largest gathering of Brownhides and their descendants in the United States.

It was built in 1924 to house a number of families of the Brownhid lineage.

In the last decade of its existence, the building has suffered some structural damage due to the storm, but is now open for business again. 

The Brownhall was demolished by the National Park Service in 2011 after a $1.9 million renovation.

It’s the largest building in Brownhins town of 1,600 people, and was built to house 1,300 families, according to the city’s website.

The building was originally named the Brown Hines Memorial Hall, and has a large plaque to honor Brownhils forefathers. 

During a ceremony held at the memorial on Monday, the City of BrownHills Board of Trustees officially opened the building for business. 

“The Brown Halls Historic District has been designated by the federal government as an Historic Site under the Antiquities Act and thus is entitled to special protections under the Federal Historic Preservation Act, which provides for federal and state authorities to designate historic structures, sites, or places to preserve or preserve for future generations,” according to a statement from the city. 

According to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the BrownHids is the oldest surviving burial ground in the world.

It is one of the oldest public places in the state, with several monuments and a cemetery.

The site is known for being a place of worship and is known to host ceremonies of religious significance, the statement added. 

This is the second building to reopen in Brown Hills in less than a year.

In May, the city announced plans to reopen the historic Brownhicks Cemetery.