How to get a sparrow in Leongatha Memorial Hall

Posted August 18, 2018 07:58:33The legend of the sparrow is alive and well in Leonan and the nearby villages of Leongathau and Leonga, with the name sparrow being the first that a resident of the village of Leonanga heard.

“It’s quite a bit older than I am, probably around 1000 years old,” said one resident of Leoni, who did not want to be named.

“And that’s when they started to call it the Leongathan,” he said.

“The sparrow was a small, hard-bodied bird that was found in a tree in the forest.”

A very big, heavy-bodied, red-crowned sparrow, it was a very special bird.

“But it was not until the 1880s that the name became popular, and the legend has survived ever since.”

The sprawls have always been associated with the village, so the legend continues today,” said Leoni Village Chief Chief Executive, Bill Williams.”

They are not just about the sprawlings, but about the stories that people tell about them, and that’s where they came from.

“The legend has been told by people from all over the world and has spread throughout Australia, but it is still a favourite among locals.”

We get a lot of people from around the world coming in, and they want to go to the village and do some birding,” said Mr Williams.

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