When Prince Hall was a hospital: The life and times of William Bratton

In February 1947, when William Brinton Jr. was a little boy in New York City, he was struck down with pneumonia.

He died four days later.

William Brington Sr. was in his 60s.

William Jr. had died just months before, and he was the eldest child in a family of five, with four older siblings.

In an interview with his family, William Braton said his father was an incredible father and husband who had been married for 45 years to a woman who was not his wife.

William Sr. died from cancer at the age of 92, according to a biography published by the Royal Academy of Medicine of Ontario, Canada, and a tribute in The New York Times.

William’s son, William Jr., died of leukemia at age 62 in 2009.

William and his son, Jr., have become synonymous with the city of Prince Hall.

William died on March 9, 2021.

He was 93.

In the months after his death, he would be remembered not only for his contributions to medicine but also as a leader of the Royal College of Physicians, the premier medical school in Canada, a world-class hospital, a leader in research, and one of the world’s most renowned scientists.

On July 10, 2019, the University of Toronto Medical School announced that it would be renamed William Brattons Memorial Hospital, following the death of his son.

In his final posthumous medical statement, Bratton told the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that he wanted to dedicate his hospital to his son and his family.

He said he had spent the last few years caring for them.

William will be remembered in the hospital as a patient, and in the world as a father, friend, colleague and mentor, he said.

“It is my hope that he will be able to lead us in this time of mourning.”

Bratton, who died on May 21, 2023, at the Royal Oak Hospital in Ontario, was a graduate of the University, of the College of Medicine at Mount Allison, and the University at Buffalo, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in medicine.

He served as dean of the Mount Allison School of Medicine, and was also the president of the medical school.

In addition to his teaching and research, Brattonts was an assistant professor at the University Hospitals in Buffalo and at the Mount Washington Hospital.

His son, who was born in 1885, died in 1977.

William was a naturalized Canadian citizen, and his wife of 66 years, Margaret, is a Canadian citizen.

William, Jr. died in 2007.

His daughter, Kathleen Bratton Bratton died in 2015.

He is survived by his son-in-law, the late Bruce Bratton; daughter, Sarah Bratton and brother, Mark Bratton.

William married Margaret Bratton in 1923.

The couple had two daughters, Barbara and Kathleen.

Their son- in-law died in 2016.

William has been buried in New Brunswick.

He will be interred in the Mount Hope Memorial Gardens at the cemetery, located in the heart of downtown Fredericton.

His memorial will be dedicated on July 13.

His wife died in 2009 at the young age of 96.

He has lived in New Jersey, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Canada.

He and his daughter were buried in Frederictown.

His funeral will be held on June 16 at Mount Hope Cemetery in Frederictsville.

Memorial Hall is the only hospital in Canada that honors William Bratto, Jr, William Sr., and their family.

William is survived as well by two sons and a daughter-in‑law.

The family will continue to be in touch with all of his relatives.